A rectangular shape galvanized wire decking with bent edges is installed on an orange color bracket.
A part of galvanized heavy duty decking on a red bracket is made of stable and firm welded wire.
A rectangular shape powder coated wire decking with bent edges is installed on an orange color bracket.

Wire Decking and Wire Rack for Warehouse Shelving

Wire decking is widely used in warehouse, laundry room, kitchen, closet or pantry. Wire decking allows for easy identification of shelf contents, and prevents dirt and other debris from accumulating on the shelves because of the holes in the mesh. It can be with powder coated, galvanized, and also spray paint.

Four pieces of wire decking: three pieces are galvanized and one is powder coated.

We are a professional manufacturer specializing in the production of wire decking products. Our wire mesh decking comes in various thicknesses and mesh dimensions. We also manufacture display rack, wire rack, wire rack decking, welded wire decking, and wire deck panels. Our products is the consistency of engineering design, structure and composition, and is in accordance with national and industrial standards. Our products are made from high-quality stainless steel and galvanized or aluminum parts. And Our galvanized or aluminum walking deck with salt water resistant feature can be used over coastal waters. Most of our products are for export to Europe, the USA, Southeast Asia and other countries.

Complete your warehouse rack with wire decking from us. Choose from our wide variety of stock and quick ship sizes, or let us design and build a custom deck to your specifications.

Hot products
Wire decking with C style beam. 36'' deep × 46'' wide waterfall wire deck, 4 each 13 gauge flared supports for box/steel beams, 2'' × 2'' mesh 6 gauge wire all 0.192" diameter, gray finish, 3150lbs load capacity.
Wire mesh decking rack used as (warehousing material) with length 1100mm, depth 880mm, maximum load 800kg.
Epoxy coated wire decking shelving for boltless shelf racks, 30/36/48/60/72 inch W × 12/18/24/36/48 inch D.
wire mesh decking 1320mm × 900mm with 3 support bars to carry 1500kgs, and 1320mm × 1100mm with 4 support bars to carry 1500kgs.
Warehouse handling material, wire decks for shelving. The Wire Thickness 5.3/5.5mm thick. The U shaped supports 1.9mm steel. The openings 4.5" × 2.5".

Size: 36" × 46", 42" × 46", 48" × 46", with 3 U channels.
Size: 36" × 58", 42" × 58", 48" × 58", with 4 U channels.
Galvanized wire mesh decking for pallet rack, size bay width 2500mm × depth 1100mm, load capacity 1400kg/level.
Zinc-plated wire decking 77 inch L × 24 inch W for heavy duty storage rack suitable for using in garage, restaurant and warehouse.

Hot Products

Wire decking is used as wire rack in warehouse, and can be powder coated, galvanized or spray paint. Our Wire decking in various thicknesses and mesh dimensions.

Wire Rack Decking is easy for installation and maintenance. Dimensions with W × D: 44" × 30", 46" × 30", 58" × 30", 52" × 36", 44" × 42", 46" × 42".

Heavy duty decking features: 4 gauge galvanized wire, 2500lbs load capacity, easy install safe and durable storage solution and organized storage facilities.

Wire decking panels is constructed of rectangular zinc-plated wire 3/32" W × 3/16" H on 2 1/2" × 4 1/2" and is strong, 45" L × 36" D - 57.5" L × 48" D.

The most popular products and specifications
We are specializing in the production of wire decking products. Wire decking advantage is flexibility to store cartons, drums, and multiple pallet sizes.