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Wire decking is used as wire rack in warehouse, and can be powder coated, galvanized or spray paint. Our Wire decking in various thicknesses and mesh dimensions.

Wire Rack Decking is easy for installation and maintenance. Dimensions with W × D: 44" × 30", 46" × 30", 58" × 30", 52" × 36", 44" × 42", 46" × 42".

Heavy duty decking features: 4 gauge galvanized wire, 2500lbs load capacity, easy install safe and durable storage solution and organized storage facilities.

Wire decking panels is constructed of rectangular zinc-plated wire 3/32" W × 3/16" H on 2 1/2" × 4 1/2" and is strong, 45" L × 36" D - 57.5" L × 48" D.

Wire decking display rack used in a laundry room, kitchen, closet or pantry. available in 36 inch × 46 inch - 48 inch × 52 inch.

Pallet rack allows the storage of palletized materials in horizontal rows with multiple levels. All pallet racks can increase the storage density.

Steel wire decking are made from 6 gauge steel wire and have double wire on top and bottom for durability. Our wire decking can meet all fine and safety.

Galvanized wire decking for heavy duty storage rack in garage, restaurant and warehouse. It can handle heavy and bulky items, and ensures cleanliness.

Welded wire decking provides greater structural strength and durable with underlying metal supports. It offers easy visibility for rack content inspections.